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Eclectic Scribbles

Fidget Pop Mushroom Plush

Fidget Pop Mushroom Plush

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Fidget Pop Mushroom Plush - you choose your cap color

*ALL ITEMS ARE MADE TO ORDER. With my extremely busy schedule it takes me up to a week to MAKE the plushie, please keep this in mind before placing your order. Dispatch and Make time also depend on the complexity of the design. Thank you!!*

**NOTE ON COLOR CHOICE** Pick Your Color by Giving me the Row and Column Number in Picture A (6 rows) or you can also just choose a basic color and I will find the yarn that fits best for it.
If you do not choose your color, a random color will be selected for you.u. 

All plushes are made from a soft chunky yarn making them super soft and cozy.

All plushes are handmade by me so they may not be exact but they will still be adorable.

Stars vary in height based on size choice and the yarns used.

You can always request custom orders from me as well, if I do not have what you want currently listed in the shop.
visit my tiktok and instagram @eclecticscribbles

What Determines How Much Crochet Items Cost??
- Each item is made by hand and cannot be replicated by any machine.
- Each design varies in complexity, so some smaller, more complex designs can cost more than a larger, less complex designs
- The number of hours spent on a project factors into cost
- The experience of the artist is factored in along with (hopefully, at least) a livable hourly wage.
- Material costs to make and ship each item also factor into the cost

These are all important things to keep in mind when looking at ANY handmade item.

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