Commission Information


I do have my commissions open, and I would love to create something special for you. Check out some of the commissionable items I have listed below, and feel free to contact me with any special requests. My contact form is at the bottom of the page.

Digital and Traditional Art Commissions

Logos - beginning at $100
Emotes - $25 per emote
Custom Crochet Plushies - prices vary depending on complexity and time/materials
Custom Sublimation Items - I can print any of my designs or your own designs onto mousepads, totes, coasters, mugs and more.
Custom Stickers - I can create individual stickers or sticker sheets with your designs on them at wholesale pricing
Custom Laser Cut Items - I can put any of my designs or your own designs, or any design you find online, into my laser and cut or burn them for you. I can also do custom books and book covers. I will list some of the laser cut items below.

Things I can do/create with my laser cutter:

  • Bookmarks
  • Keychains
  • Cutting Boards
  • Books/Book Covers
  • Boxes
  • Ornaments
  • Ceramic Coasters
  • Slate Coasters
  • Tumbler Etching
  • Glass Etching
  • Acrylic Etching
  • Decorative Signage
  • Monograms
  • Wooden Pins
  • QR Codes for Social Media
  • Table Stands for a variety of items
  • Business Card Holders
  • and sooooo much more.

I do a lot of arts and crafts, and explore a lot of mediums, so I will list the information to commission me for each kind of medium I have open at the moment.

Digital Commission Info:

Messy Digital Sketches

Note: Messy Sketches are exactly what they sound like. This is a sketchy concept of the design/character you want. This is not finished lineart. This is to get the overall layout correct.

Basic Sketch Portrait -- $35 Simple character, bare shoulders/neck, no complicated design markings or features - Usually 30-45 minutes
Half Body Basic Sketch Portrait -- $45
Full Body Basic Sketch Portrait -- $55
-- additions to messy sketches -
Armor/Clothing ($5 Portrait, $15 Half Body, $25 Fully Body)
Additional designs/features including scars, jewelry, tattoos, etc ($5 Portrait, $15 Half Body, $25 Fully Body)
Pets/Creatures -- pets and existing creatures from with you have a reference ($25 per animal/creature)

Digital Paintings

Digital Portrait Paintings are done in my style; not a direct likeness of the character/realism piece. My style is more illustrative, kawaii style. Prices below are in addition to the messy sketch process where you will get your 2 revisions.

Portraits and Busts -- $75+
1/2 Body -- $100+
Full Body -- $140+
Pets/Creatures -- $25+

Commission prices are for each character. Prices are base prices and subject to change based on additional features.

Prices include 2 (two) revisions during the sketch phase and any big changes after that will incur an additional charge.

Prices are indicative of existing designs and characters. Please provide references and/or a detailed written description. Requests that involve character research and development will incur an additional charge.

Prices are for personal commissions only. Commercial Prices are available upon request.

Please note any super fast turnarounds / rush commissions will require an additional charge depending on how fast you need it. The average time for a painting can be up to 8+ weeks depending on complexity and place in queue. In commissioning me, you are saying you understand that there are other aspects of my business and commissions take time and a lot of effort. That being said, I will complete your commission as soon as I possibly can.


Backgrounds $25-75

Backgrounds are an additional cost. All the base prices include a simple background color/texture, and anything beyond the sample will be additional.

Additional Costs

Certain elements that require an additional cost depending on complexity and how vital it is to the piece as a whole. Examples include but are not limited to: weaponry, armor, pets/creatures, wings, props, etc.

Traditional Art Commissions

Landscapes and Galaxies (My Interpretation of a Bob Ross Style)
4x6 Painting - $35
5x7 Painting - $45
8x10 Painting - $75
For larger paintings contact me. Prices are indicative of my current works. Please be familiar with my style when you are requesting traditional art.

Character Painting (My Style)
Note: You will need to purchase a digital messy sketch before characters are painted, so you can see the layout and placement, before moving to painting.
4x6 Character - $55+
5x7 Character - $75+
8x10 Character - $140+
These are base prices. Adding in complexity and other elements, like backgrounds, will be an additional charge. See above for some of those additional costs. Pyrography is an additional cost. Prices also vary depending on which paints are used: oils, acrylics, watercolor.

Paper Pyrography is done on 300gsm 100% Cotton Watercolor Paper. Unless it is a piece I have already created, you will need to purchase a messy sketch for your design idea. Wood Pyrography base does not include the piece of wood. The cost of the wood will be added to the cost.
On Paper -- $45+ (outline only) $75+ (Outline and Painting)
On Wood -- $55+ (outline only) $95+ (Outline and Shading/Painting)

Restrictions/ Wills and Won'ts

I will draw fan art, original characters, real people. All these things will be done in MY style.
I will not draw pornographic images, mech, automobiles/vehicles, anime styles, realism.
I will draw a creature as the main subject, but the cost for designing a creatures is different, so just ask.
Otherwise, as if you have any questions. I am pretty open-minded to anything.

Commission Process

  • To begin the process, please email me at with the following information:

— Your name
— Type of commission (all options listed above)
— Description of character(s), poses, references, whether you have a specific deadline — anything I might need to help come up with your pricing.

  • Once we agree on the price/commission overall, you will receive an invoice for half of the commission price as a non-refundable deposit. I’ll begin the sketching process. Here, you are able to request up to two revisions to the work! Once you are satisfied with the sketch, I will go ahead and send you a Paypal Invoice for the remainder of the balance. If you are paying for a messy sketch, the commission is complete. For Paintings: Payment is required before I proceed.
  • I will keep you posted on the color stage, and you may request changes to colors in this phase if anything isn’t working for you. Again, to streamline this process please be as clear and descriptive in your commission request!
  • Once I am finished, the piece will be sent to you for final approval! I will allow one small last revision, within reason.

Additional Information

  • I reserve the right to turn down work.
  • If you reach out for a commission and I give you a quote but you do not follow through within a month, that price is not locked in and may change as my prices do!
  • Once the process has begun, no full refunds will be issued for whatever reason.
  • For Digital Paintings: I do NOT offer printing services at this time. Please note that you are paying for a digital file (I will send a high res .PSD and a .PNG), not a printed piece. Once the file is in your hands, you may print at your leisure! I will send you a release form with your file so you do not run into any trouble printing.
  • You are not entitled to redistribute/resell the work I’ve done. For commercial work, contact me for more information.
  • Do not remove/edit my signature in any way.
  • I reserve the right to share the art on my social media. If you would like to be tagged when I do this, provide your social media handles in your commission request! Copyright on the item belongs to and stays with me, the artist.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • Tips are always welcome and appreciated. Art is my full-time job.